Catalyzer cutter with pneumatically driven stand and hydraulic pump. The stand has functions like raising, lowering and adjustable air pressure to make the cutter maintain it´s height. Specially designed for car dismantlers. This industrial cutter is designed to cut 10 times more than a simple rescue cutter. It´s robust construction gives it a long life span and substantially lower cost per cut than simpler cutters on the market. The cutting edges are specially designed for exhaust pipes and can be sharpened 3 times with preserved hardening and strength. The stand is very stable and designed for tough handling in an industrial enviroment. Cutting stainless or pipes with thick walls should be done in two steps. First flattening the pipe and then cutting with the pipe in the bottom of the cutting edges where you have the most power. Spikes hold the pipe in place during cutting. Safety: This product doesn´t have electric motors. This is very important because of the high risk of explosions in a facility where flammable liquids are handled. The working pressure of the hydraulic pump is reduced to max 500 bar for increased the security of the operator and life span on the cutter and cutting edges.